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Argan oil moisturizes and nourishes all skin types. Verbena-Agrum Argan Oil with the fresh and subtle scent of Verbena, Bergamot and Tangerine will delight all your senses.
Argan oil, a true beauty secret for thousands of years, combines many benefits: it gives the skin suppleness and radiance, provides deep hydration and protects against the aggressions of nature (sun, cold, wind) and pollution. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks, increases the nutritive contributions at the level of the cells and restores the hydrolipidic film, promotes the healing of chapped skin. Packed with essential fatty acids, omega 3 and tocopherols (vitamin E), antioxidants. A genuine multi-purpose oil, liquid gold can also be applied to hair as a mask, as a conditioner or as a styling treatment before blow drying.