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Turmeric powder is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics that aids in creating natural glow to your skin. We paired it with a Citrus Essential oil blend that are antibacterial balancing the skin to prevent breakouts or excess oil and also help in lighten dark spots on the skin.

Scent: Citrus/Lemon

Skin Types: Sensitive, troubled

Exfoliant: Light to none

Weight: 5.7-6.7oz

-Our bars are handcrafted & cut so weights may vary-

All soaps are in house handmade in small batches with the finest ingredients: coconut oil,shea butter,cocoa butter,castor oil,sunflower seed oil,sweet almond oil,olive oil,grapeseed oil,phthalate free frag. oil,sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, distilled water,turmeric powder,citrus blend EO.,


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