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A stone of protection, Tiger Eye is said to bring good luck, focus the mind, promote mental clarity, assist in finding resolutions to problems which creates self-confidence and inner strength.

We started with a coffee base and added activated charcoal and gold mica to bring out the beauty of the real Tigers Eye Gemstone that sits atop this bar. With added clays of kaolin and the deep scent of coffee this is an amazing grounding and focusing bar to start your day!!

Chakra: Sacral chakra & Solar plexus chakra

Scent: Coffee (Deep/Earthy)

Skin types: All

Weight: Each bar is approximately 6-7oz.

-Bars are handcrafted and cut, so weight may vary-

All soaps are small batch crafted with the finest ingredients which include:

coconut oil,shea butter,cocoa butter,castor oil,olive oil,sunflower seed oil,grape seed oil,sodium lactate,sodium hydroxide,coffee ground,phthalate free fragrance,mica,coffee,activated charcoal,tigers eye gemstone