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A Coconut Oil based bar with Activated Charcoal & Bentonite clay which aids the skin in its ability to release toxins.

Why this bar?

Activated charcoal: draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin

Bentonite Clay: antibacterial, detoxifying, reduces acne, anti-aging.

Scent: Bergamont & Oak (Citrus/Spicy)

Skin types: Dry/All

Exfoliation: Low

Weight: 6oz.

-Bars are handcrafted and cut, so weight may vary-

Blue Feather Body Work's soaps are small batch crafted with the finest ingredients which include:

coconut oil,organic shea butter,organic cocoa butter,organic castor oil,olive oil,grape seed oil,sodium lactate,sodium hydroxide, almond oil,organic mango butter,phthalate free fragrance, distilled water,bentonite clay, activated charcoal (coconut derived)


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